M4 Multiband Compressor is designed to be the ultimate mixing and mastering tool. This compressor has 3 user-controlled crossovers resulting in 4 bands that can be as wide or as narrow as you desire. The unique display for M4 shows all of 4 bands together, each with a specialty meter to show threshold, peak level, and gain reduction for the respective band in realtime. All 4 bands are completely in your control by allowing attack time, release time, threshold, ratio, and makeup gain to be set. M4 has optional auto-makeup gain as well as internal bypass.


The compressor contains 4 meters. One for each band. Each meter is comprised of 3 main parts: A threshold indicator, a peak meter, and a reduction meter.

Threshold Indicator

Each of the 4

Peak Meter

Gain Reduction Meter


In this section we will go over all of the controls for M4.

Frequency Cross-overs

M4 has 3 Frequency Cross-over controls labeled as F1, F2, and F3 respectively. The cross-overs all share the same range, but they may not overlap. This means that F1 can never have a larger value than F2, and F2 can never have a higher value than F3. It is possible to pass this restriction through automation but it is not advised.

Range: 40.0Hz - 20,000Hz
Default Value: 190Hz

Range: 40.0Hz - 20,000Hz
Default Value: 901Hz

Range: 40.0Hz - 20,000Hz
Default Value: 4260Hz


M4 has 4 compressors hence the name M4. All of the compressors behave identically and have the same controls. The bands controlled by the compressors are from left to right "Low", "Low-Mid", "High-Mid", and "High". The controls for the compressors are as follows.

Range: -60dB - 0dB
Default Value: -10dB

Range: 1.0ms - 2000ms
Default Value: 20ms

Range: 1.0ms - 2000ms
Default Value: 40ms

Range: 1 - 10
Default Value: 4

Range: 0% - 100%
Default Value: 0%

Auto Gain